Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Break Through Promotion Poll

With the recent announcement of the results of the top ten rated indy wrestling promotion in Texas, several promotions appear poised to make a move into that top tier during 2010. As XCW has announced that they will cease operations after this Saturday's show, the is at least one spot available for next year. With that in mind, which of these promotions (rated # 11-20 in 2009) seems most likely to have a break through year in 2010? The results will be announced and discussed during the first indywarzradio show in January.

Which Texas Indy Wrestling Promotion Will Break Through to the Top in 2010?

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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Top Ten Wrestling Promotions in Texas

Several months ago, a list of 59 "active" Texas Indy Wrestling Promotions was published at That number eventually grew to 72 promotions. I took that list and created this webpage so there would be one source to find all the web pages & myspace profiles and so people could cast votes rating those promotions from "One of the Best" to "One of the Worst."

Four and a half months later over 2600 votes have been cast by at least 4 different voters. While I am sure that these results are every bit as reliable as those on American Idol, I feel secure enough in the list to publish them here. While I may not agree with the precise order of this list, I sincerely believe that all ten promotions on this list can make a case for being considered one of the best in Texas.

That being said, the top ten promotions as rated here (from #10 to #1) are:

10 - Pro Wrestling Alliance - Pasadena
9 - NWA-SW/World of Wrestling - Cypress
8 - Full Effect Wrestling - Tyler
7 - NWA-SW/Panhandle Wrestling Federation - Amarillo
6 - XCW - Pilot Point
5 - Texas All-Star Wrestling - Humble
4 - Professional Championship Wrestling - Arlington
3 - River City Wrestling - San Antonio
2 - New School Federation - Temple
1 - Anarchy Championship Wrestling - Austin