Monday, December 14, 2009

The Top Ten Wrestling Promotions in Texas

Several months ago, a list of 59 "active" Texas Indy Wrestling Promotions was published at That number eventually grew to 72 promotions. I took that list and created this webpage so there would be one source to find all the web pages & myspace profiles and so people could cast votes rating those promotions from "One of the Best" to "One of the Worst."

Four and a half months later over 2600 votes have been cast by at least 4 different voters. While I am sure that these results are every bit as reliable as those on American Idol, I feel secure enough in the list to publish them here. While I may not agree with the precise order of this list, I sincerely believe that all ten promotions on this list can make a case for being considered one of the best in Texas.

That being said, the top ten promotions as rated here (from #10 to #1) are:

10 - Pro Wrestling Alliance - Pasadena
9 - NWA-SW/World of Wrestling - Cypress
8 - Full Effect Wrestling - Tyler
7 - NWA-SW/Panhandle Wrestling Federation - Amarillo
6 - XCW - Pilot Point
5 - Texas All-Star Wrestling - Humble
4 - Professional Championship Wrestling - Arlington
3 - River City Wrestling - San Antonio
2 - New School Federation - Temple
1 - Anarchy Championship Wrestling - Austin

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