Monday, February 1, 2010

Updated List Now Online!

The fine people over at have updated the list of Active Texas Indy Wrestling Promotions to include shows running beginning February 1, 2010. We therefore have updated this page. Several promotions have fallen off the list due to not having any scheduled shows announced. Those promotions can now be found in the side bar menu under the heading "Currently Inactive Promotions." In their place, a number of new promotions have popped up. You can now find entries for Deep East Texas Rasslin' (also known as Angry Armadillo Productions), Raging Beaver Puroresu (previously known as International Pro Wrestling Alliance), New Breed Wrestling Xtreme (formerly known as Texas Powerhouse Wrestling) and Universal Championship Wrestling (a California owned company running several shows across Texas). The Current List is found at the top of the page and will be updated as promotions currently listed as "Inactive" announce dates. Additionally, Webpage URLs are being updated where needed.

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